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BDB_ProdShot-300x162Breaking Down the Borders

A Step-by-Step Guide for International Investors Buying U.S. Real Estate 


  • Understanding the Foreclosure Process & How to Cash In!
  • Myths of U.S. Real Estate
  • When, Where & What Type: Finding the Best U.S. Market & Properties to Invest In
  • Doing The #s: How to be Sure a Deal Makes Sense
  • Renovations Made Easy & The 5 Rules for Working with Contractors
  • How to Build a Successful U.S. Real Estate Team
  • Finding Good Property Management: The 7 Questions You Must Ask
  • Financing Secrets for International Investors
  • Tax & Entity Success with Tom Wheelwright
  • Seminar Fakes, Lender Scams & Housing Rip-Offs : How to Avoid Them
  • Blueprint for Success: The 10-Step Guide for Entering the U.S. Real Market Today

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south-of-49South of 49

The Canadian Guide to Buying Residential Real Estate in the United States

“South of 49 is a must read for anyone wanting to buy real estate in the US.This groundbreaking book is jammed full of practical information that will ensure you avoid all the potential pitfalls.”

– Les Hewitt, Best-Selling Author

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fire-saleFire Sale: How to Buy U.S. Foreclosures

Jim Sheils and Brian Scrone Co-Authored Fire Sale with Phil McKernan

The ads are everywhere. US real estate at rock-bottom prices. Posh homes in gated communities devalued 50% from a year ago. US real estate agents with nowhere to go in their own backyard are targeting Canada and other countries to attract buyers to the land of the foreclosed and the home of the bushwhacked.

As the US housing market remains in crisis and foreign currencies increase in strength relative to the US dollar, foreign investment into real estate in America is reaching new highs, particularly in the sunbelt states. The opportunity to invest in these properties, either as an investment property or a vacation home, is made even more attractive in light of the record number of distressed properties (AKA foreclosures) on the market or in the pipeline due to high levels of unemployment in the US, high consumer debt, and ongoing fallout from the subprime crisis.

But what does “opportunity” really look like? What due diligence must an investor do to buy with confidence? What are the pitfalls? The legal and tax considerations? While the property and price may look good on paper, how can you ensure that your investment is a sound one? Philip McKernan and his crack team of experts teach you everything you need to know about investing in distressed properties in the United States, including sourcing distressed properties; building the right team of real estate agent, finance expert, lawyer, and accountant; understanding the tax and legal issues; and having an exit strategy.

Make sure you’re getting the best deals possible and avoiding any nasty surprises. Be prepared and aware, with Fire Sale: How to Buy US Foreclosures.


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