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When it comes to real estate investing you want simplicity, predictability, and profit.
Learn how we help investors from around the world invest in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Your Investments (And Your Life) Made Easier

The Right System

Find out how easy, predictable, and profitable it is to invest in real estate. Stop worrying about your investments and start profiting.

The Right City

Find out why Jacksonville, Florida is ranked near the top of all the real estate investment cities in the country and why now is the time to take advantage of a historic opportunity.

The Right Team

Find out how about our founders’ history and personal character here.

Straightforward Results

We value hard work, honesty, and simplicity, and our system reflects these values. We believe investing should be simple and profitable. Period.

You’ll find the JAX Investments turnkey investing system is clear, simple, consistent, and profitable.



Why Jacksonville, Florida?

Miami, New York, and Los Angeles may be great for a night out, but they lack a certain something as real estate investment towns – profitability.

Boring is beautiful in real estate, and Jacksonville is everything the flashy cities aren’t. It’s reasonably priced, full of jobs, attractive to families, and it’s a comfortable and attractive place to live.

Where else can you live along the warm subtropical waters of the Atlantic for under $100,000? Jacksonville is the only place.



A Simple, Clear, and Profitable Process

You plug into a painless process by investing with us.

We already have the relationships with the REO dealers. We have the buying system ready to go. We have the contractors in place, and world class property management is ready to go.

All you have to do is plug into our existing process. We’ve perfected the system so that you can profit from this opportunity.



Satisfied Investors


Our Investors enjoy a strong, predictable, and stable ROI. Hear from our investors about how their lives have improved by investing with us.

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Jim Sheils and Brian Scrone for over four years. They have allowed me as a first time investor to acquire a profitable real estate portfolio that very few people have an opportunity to do.

Brendan Gaffney

Marketing Manager, Hershey Chocolate Company

 I have been extremely fortunate to have found JAX Investments and developed an investment strategy that works both the short run and the long term. I have never been happier with my investment direction. Thanks for making my future brighter than I could have imagined!

Dr. Glen Knock


I have known and worked with Brian Scrone and Jim Sheils for the last eight years. Jim and Brian are talented, hard working, successful real estate investors. Their business brings integrity and commitment to doing the right thing for the people who invest with them. 

Keith J. Cunningham

CEO and Founder, KJC Investments

I have known Jim Sheils & Brian Scrone for the past 8 years. My investments with them have performed & still are performing very well. I very rarely invest with partners, and when I do I make sure I choose them very carefully – My partnership with Jim & Brian has been very profitable and enjoyable.

Craig Chandler

President, Pasinc Investments Inc.

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